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Every week, you can join a live, interactive NREMT review session. And every week, the content is different! Your Weekly NREMT Review is led by EMS educator, textbook author, paramedic and Chief Knowledge Officer, Dan Limmer. Dan’s unique way of explaining things makes even the most complex clinical topics easy to understand. 

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  • NREMT Practice Questions. Dan presents NREMT-style questions, and participants get to weigh in on what they think the answer is before the correct answer is revealed. Dan explains the clinical concepts behind the answer and helps understand the unique structure of NREMT questions – including how to look for clues within questions!
  • NREMT Topic Reviews. To get the questions right, you have to have a deep understanding of the subject matter. Dan will break down BLS and ALS topics into bite-size lessons you can apply to both your study and your practice in the field.
  • EMS Q&A. You’ll get the most out of the study sessions when you participate. Dan answers every question, whether it’s about the NREMT, how to deliver a baby, how to find a job after you graduate, or how to deliver bad news to patients.

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Live exam prep hosted by author and national EMS educator Dan Limmer. Office Hours includes a review of NREMT style exam questions, insights into how to succeed on the day of the exam, a quick review of important topics and then the floor is opened to participants for your questions! You must register in advance to attend.

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Dan’s Weekly NREMT Review: Personalized NREMT Prep from an Expert

Dan is a leading EMS expert who recently took the paramedic NREMT, and has spent years teaching EMS in the classroom and practicing it in the field. In his spare time, he keeps himself up to date on changes made by the American Heart Association, the National Registry, and medical organizations nationwide. When you study with, you can be confident that the information you’re using is relevant, up-to-date, clinically important – and will help you pass the NREMT.