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Learn the clinical skills and knowledge you need to succeed! Our library of NREMT prep videos covers a wide-range of NREMT need-to-knows, including body system exams, OB/Gyn, spinal assessment, JVD and differential diagnosis. 

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  • Clinical Minute Videos: How much can you learn in 1-5 minutes? A lot. This series of NREMT prep videos teaches you things that will change your approach to patient assessment and management.
  • Pathophysiology Videos: These animated, colorful videos help you visualize and understand complex topics you need to know for the NREMT and the field.
  • NREMT Crash Course Video: This 1-hour video covers some of the absolutely-have-to-know clinical information you need for the NREMT. With content for EMT and paramedic candidates, it provides important insights from every topic area of the exam.

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