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How do you even start studying for the NREMT? Our study guides provide just the right amount of relevant clinical information and insights to help you pass the NREMT. Dozens of guides on every NREMT topic provide a review of A&P and pathophysiology, along with the signs, symptoms, treatments, and clinical facts you need.

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  • EMT & Paramedic NREMT Study Guides. From anaphylaxis to soft tissue injury, our pathophysiology-focused guides ensure you know critical information for the NREMT.
  • 5-Part EMT Study Plan. This study plan shows you what and how to study using all the features and resources on our site and in your textbook. Each section includes exercises to train you in the critical thinking needed to pass the NREMT!
  • Core Content Paramedic Study Guides. These cover the most comprehensive and challenging parts of your education: Respiration, Acid Base and ETCO2; Shock and Fluid Resuscitation; Altered Mental Status; Cardiology; and Pharmacology. At the end of each guide, you’ll find critical thinking questions. A separate answer key includes detailed rationales.

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Our study guides are written and reviewed by national EMS experts, including textbook authors, speakers, and former NREMT personnel. When you study with EMTReview.com, you can be confident that the information you’re using is relevant, up-to-date, clinically important – and will help you pass the NREMT.

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